1. meh37's Avatar
    I have a Galaxy S2 running Ice Cream Sandwich. I am trying to install Cell-Tracker and am having problems getting the application to launch. Anyone successfully installed this software product? If so, I'd love to get some help and advice. The installation consist of both jar and tar files. I have read elsewhere that these extensions are not compatible with the android OS and need to be converted to another extension (apk?) in order to be installed. The user manual for the product is pretty weak and makes not mention of any need to convert. This is beyond my range of experience to-date so if anyone has guidance, I am all ears. Thanks
    08-18-2012 06:38 AM
  2. meh37's Avatar
    Is anyone using the Cell Tracker product on ANY phone? Clearly the Android version is a worthless piece of junk but am curious is anyone has successfully installed it on a windows phone or an iPhone?
    08-22-2012 02:59 PM
  3. sat99's Avatar
    Do u know how to install cell tracke. How to install jar and tar files. Please tell me. otherwise if u have cell tracker send me
    08-08-2014 11:35 AM
  4. Phyllis Chandler1's Avatar
    I also have those same files. I just got them and sm seeking help
    2/11/2015. I h a ve a samsung gslaxy tab 3 not rooted. I have not download them as yet still working on understanding how this should be hsndled, Imhope i can use this on my tab, Did you find help as yet?
    02-11-2015 12:59 PM