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    If I try to search for a contact in Google Maps (Choose End Point / Contacts), no matter what I type in the "Search contacts" box all 1207 of my contacts are found. If I do the same search in Google Navigation I am presented again with a list of all my contacts and no search box. Can anyone get Google Maps and Navigation to properly search the contacts list on their phone? If so, is there a setting I need to change to have the function work? Scrolling through 1200+ names to find a destination is awfully time consuming.

    If I search on contacts outside of Maps or Navigation (which DOES work in limiting the number of contacts shown) and then click on the address for that person, Maps opens to the location and can then be used in either Maps or Navigation.

    I hope my description of the issue is clear.

    Thanks in advance.

    08-27-2012 09:03 AM