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    HI Everybody
    This is my first post so might as well say Hi to everybody , I own a Samsung Galaxy S2 and about 3/4 weeks ago it stoped charging via Wall socket but when ever i plugged into my laptop via USB it would say its charging but when ever i plug it out after a few seconds it will die.I took it to a local phone repair shop and he informed me the problem was water damage and its effected the charging connector ( Whatever that means , I no very little about phone ).... He charged me 45euro to fix this and i colleted the phone the next day and it was working perfect but then 4 days ago the same problem came back , Took it back to repair shop and told him what happened and he said exact same thing , We argued and i was convinced it could not have been water damaged again as there was no chance of it happening as i was very careful with it , The repair man then told me that if a simple drop of rain lands near the connector or on the phone it can happen , Went as far as saying if i answerd the phone and my hair was wet it could happen ... I was still convinced that none of this happened but still forked over another 30euro to get it fixed , Colleted it next day , He pluged it in in the shop to show me that it was working , I thought it was fine , I plugged in my headphones and put phone in my pocket , Walked home ( Wasnt raining , Responded to the odd text i recieved ) Phone was dying so when it was close to no battery i plugged it in , Didnt charge , Waited until next morning to bring phone back down as was too late and the repair man said not hes fault , Its been water damaged again and he will fix it for 30euro again ........ Surely he if taking me for a fool , The phone cant be that bad for water damaged , I use it months and was ok .......... Does anyone have any ideas what the problem could be or what i can do , He is refusing to refund me

    Anything reply will be helpful
    10-24-2012 08:02 PM
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    Yes, the person is ripping you off. Stop going there.

    Are you using the official samsung charger that came with your phone? If so are you 100% srue you are connecting it completely and firmly?

    One thing to do is shutdown the phone, remove the battery, sim, SD card, let it sit a bit, then put it back together. Before turning it on connect it to the charger and see if it starts charging (it can charged while turned off and should show the charging status on the screen). If the wall charger doesn't work, try again with the laptop usb port. Again making sure the phone is turned off. If neither work you could buy a new samsung charger or try a different micro-usb cable to charge with. Don't use no-name brands until you've first confirmed that samsung branded chargers work.

    It is possible water damage could have broken the phone originally, but likely a repair shop wouldn't be able to fix this kind of damage for 30 Euro. Also, short of being drenched in water or a little water drop falling directly on the power connector it isn't "that" easy to cause damage. I have had my phone rained on lightly or held it with slighly wet hands with no problem.

    Beyond that I'm not sure what to
    10-25-2012 12:11 PM
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    It's sounds like you're having a nightmare with this phone! How long have you had the phone? Is it still under warranty? I have not had a problem recharging my phone since I got it last November. Did you buy the phone sim free new or was it an upgrade through a network provider. Is there a chance that there has been water damage (there are DIY solutions for this)? Maybe we can find some kind of solution.

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    10-25-2012 12:17 PM

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