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    Hi All -

    I've had my Samsung (Sprint) Galaxy S II since Sept 2011 and it has been nothing but problems. My latest is that I still can not get the EL29 Bug Fix to update on my phone. It has downloaded the update without a problem but when it goes to install the little green android with an exclamation point / triangle over his head appears about halfway through. I've tried ignoring the "you have an update" message because it always ends in an error but my phone has started having all sorts of shutdowns and problems now. My apps all have shutdown errors (FB, games, etc) plus my contacts keep erasing spontaneously or my call log will be blank without warning. So I finally just went back and erased everything by returning to factory settings. I then tried to update again - the file downloaded and then had an error when I tried to update the phone with the file. This is frustrating! I tried taking the phone in about 3 months ago and they did some stuff in a back room then they said it was fixed. A week later a message saying that I had to "update my phone" with the EL29 fix resurfaced. What do I do?
    10-27-2012 08:33 PM

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