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    Hi all. I have a big problem. I placed my phone onto my desk before sleeping (my battery was +/-55%). When I woke up my phone did not want to go on. I tried charging it for 3 hours with my 2 pin charger and it still didn't want to come on (the charging battery animation didn't even show). I also tried charging with the USB cable via PC but that didn't help. I used my multi-meter to check if the battery was working and it showed that it contains +/-3.4V (battery is rated 3.5V). I also tried using my friend's S II battery but that didn't help. I tried to boot up into recovery mode (volume down + home button + power button) but it still didn't come on.

    I bought my phone at the beginning of the year (brand new) and it has been working with no problems until today. I have essential data on my phone (phone book, messages, apps etc) which are really important and I wouldn't want to lose them . Help would be much appreciated.
    11-11-2012 03:15 AM

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