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    I have a Samsung Galaxy s2 4G from Virgin Mobile
    A couple days ago when putting my phone to charge, I noticed considerable lag, so much that I could not even type. I just ignored it and thought it needed a charge.
    The next day After unplugging it came with a message saying "Charging paused, voltage too high" I just restarted and the message went away. But over the course of the day I noticed my battery life was HALF of what it used to be, lasting only around 6 hours !
    In battery settings I found android OS taking around 90% of my battery! Before it only used to take around 30.
    I clicked that and it showed my CPU total time around 8 hours!! My phone had not even been on that long
    My friend who has the exact same phone showed a CPU total of around what it should be, around 30 minutes.
    I freaked out, i completely factory reset my phone but the problem still persists i don't know what to do! My battery is dying within hours! and takes insanely long time to charge including the major lag that occurs only when charging..
    Right now my awake time is even greater than the phone has been on! This doesn't make sense!
    I've read some forums about water damage which causes the 'Voltage too high', but my phone has never been in contact with water, and shows none of the signs on the battery or phone from water damage. As well I've never read that this problem can cause the android OS to act up! Please someone help!
    12-09-2012 07:43 AM

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