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    I am new in the forum, i hope i am doing right, i have tried to find answer to my question but without result, therefore please help :-)

    Problem 1 ; Tether transmit SSID.
    Problem 2 ; Bluetooth A2DP sound

    Problem 1:
    Problem with all jb roms i can find, they dont seems to be working with wifi tether transmitting >SSID< !

    In all of the jb roms i have found and installed, (via .zip file,) it seems that the wifi tethering is turning on, but it will not transmit the SSID !

    Is this a general issue or mabe my phone ? My wifi works perfectly.
    I have also tried different tethering apps, with same result.

    My stationary pc is on wifi, and i use it to scan for the SSID from the sgs2, but without result.

    Problem 2:
    Problem with bluetooth sound. It connects, and i have checked that voice and music is check marked in settings for bt, but it does not sent the music to the bt speaker !? It sends the music to rhe external speaker (I can paus the music on via the bt sevice, so it is proper connected)

    At this moment i use following;
    Rooted SGS2
    Android 4.1.1
    X-Treme cm10 beta
    Kernel: 3.0.36 cm build 25 juli
    version JR003H

    Please help :-)
    12-12-2012 06:33 PM
  2. ThaigerPinoy's Avatar
    After updating to CM 10.1 JB 4.2.1
    I am super happy for cm10.1.
    Bluetooth works, but i still have problems with wifi tethering, it wont sent ssid !
    Mabe my baseband or modem !
    Pls hlp :-)

    SGS2 CM10.1 JB4.2.1
    TapaTalk /Thaiger
    12-23-2012 11:23 PM

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