1. Aemasil's Avatar
    So all was well with my phone and I could easily get 1day+ worth of battery time out of it, then one day (sadly can't remember what I did) it changed. Now I'm lucky if I can get it to last 10 hours on standby, 5-6 hours with minimal use. I've tried factory reset, battery re-calibration, alas to no effect.

    So now I seek help from people brighter than me who can hopefully tell me what's wrong and the obvious easy solution (please!).

    These are images from the phone, with no usage.
    12-18-2012 09:11 AM
  2. rrahbit's Avatar
    i have an issue with the cell standby battery percent... it stays on like 30 %... i have no idea what to do to change it. and i\m not technical enough to root..... i don\t know what to do either...
    01-09-2013 12:56 PM
  3. Bradah's Avatar
    Hey i'm getting this too with my Note N-7000 and i know why, it;s porlly beacsue you're not clearing RAM after doing something really hardcore like gaming not case normally but clearing ram after standyby for a long tiome does help and exting apps after also helps but the big things turning of bluetooth GPS wifi when not use keeping wifi on is alright but turing off sync is also why it;s battery going drane so turn of sync in settings
    01-17-2013 02:25 AM

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