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    Hi guys
    I have a SGS2 I9100 with 16gb of internal memory. I rooted the phone and put the Resurection Remix 3.1.3 custom rom. Internal memory has shrunk from 16gb to 4gb. I was just shocked. Also when connected through USB it shows 4gb of memory!?

    I wiped dalvik cache, reinstaled the phone and nothing

    Someone mentioned i need to instal another "pit" file via Odin....
    What is Pit file and where I can download it from for my I9100?

    version: I9100XXLPX
    kernel: 3.0.15-CM-g4dc1w60 pinky-ghost@cyanogenmod#1
    compilation: IMM76D.XXLQ5

    Appreciate help
    01-16-2013 04:29 AM

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