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    Hey guys,

    At first, I need to say that I'm not very experienced with Android devices, but have been using one some years ago.
    I know there are other threads about this issue and I really tried everything before posting here. I tried to charge without the battery in, to hold the powerbutton for 30 seconds without battery in etc, but nothing helped. That's why I am posting here and it would be really great, if you could help me.

    Here are some photos:

    Today a friend of mine asked me to take a look at her Samsung Galaxy SII, because it isn't charging.
    I plugged it in tried to boot it and it didn't work (probably because the battery is not charged).
    When trying to boot it, it does not even react, same thing with the recovery.
    I could enter the download mode, but I got a message that the download is not possible because of low battery status.
    Different chargers didn't work too.
    With a full battery it did boot. When I tried to charge it, nothing.

    So I opened the device to take a look at the USB port and it seemed to be OK. It was on it's place and I tried to clean it with a toothbrush. After all I got the same result. I really don't know what it could be, I am not that experienced with Samsung Galaxy devices and Android in general, so I would really appreciate your help

    I really do not know what to do anymore. Could it be the mainboard, even if the SGS is starting with full battery?
    Thank you for every helpful answer
    01-16-2013 12:17 PM

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