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    I have a Samsung galaxyS2 it is a replacement phone To mobile sent me. I have the most recent update date 4.0.4. The problem is when plug in the phone to Kies it reads that Kies won't support my current firmware. Can somebody please help me. I have the most current firmware why is doing this?

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    01-17-2013 02:02 AM
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    Unfortunately there is no fix. The most recent version of Kies doesn't work. End of story. You can try all kinds of things suggested on any number of forums and in the end, you will come to the conclusion that Kies doesn't work. Here's what I've done to date:
    Uninstalled/reinstalled the latest version of Kies many times
    Ran Kies as "Administrator"
    Uninstalled reinstalled MS .NET Framework 4
    Then I got a brand new "virgin" PC with Windows 7, updated everything and installed nothing but Kies (I have access to brand new computers)
    Then I did the same thing with a new Windows XP machine

    Prior to the last update to Kies, it was working fine on both my Galaxy S IIx and my wife's Galaxy Ace. I installed the update and now Kies will not recognise either of them. It is connected because in Windows Explorer I can see the two drives when I connect via the USB cable and select "Turn on USB storage" AND I can transfer files directly to either the internal of the SD card memory. When I do that, whatever I transfer shows up in the applicable app ie. new pictures, mp3's and even database files for an app called HanDBase - the phone is connected. It is Kies that doesn't work. Others in other forums have said that they found that when Kies sees an update, it insists on installing it ie. older version of Kies will not open up if there's an update available. I can't confirm that since I can't find an older version of Kies. If I do, I intend installing it.

    Basically, I've given up trying to connect with Kies. I can transfer files directly so I can back up that way... well, sort of anyway. I just can't sync ie. to Outlook Calendar or Contacts

    Oh yes, Kies won't recognise either phone via the WiFi connection method either...

    I know that this doesn't help, but that's all I've got after three months of effort on this subject.
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    01-23-2013 05:32 AM
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    How bout if I root my phone would that change anything.. Any Suggestions rooting my phone

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    01-24-2013 02:01 AM
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    Nope. Kies will still not work. It's bad software. There's nothing wrong with your phone/device, rooted or not. Kies is unable to communicate through the existing USB drivers because it wasn't written correctly. You can transfer files directly by selecting "Turn on USB storage" on your device. The internal and external memories will show up as two new hard drives in Windows Explorer and you can delete, cut, copy and paste files to your heart's content. That proves that there is nothing wrong with the phone or the connection. You just can't back up or sync using Kies. Wait and a new version of Kies will have to be written since many, many people have the same problem.

    As for rooting, I've found this to be highly over-rated. Usually, if there is something that you really hate about your phone/device, there is a way of solving it without rooting - just takes patient research on the internet as you're probably not the only one in the world that hates that particular feature. Otherwise, in most cases, rooting voids your warranty. They keep track of rooting by setting a counter in the phone's/device's processor/chip that records the number of times the chip's system files have been updated. If it does not correspond to the number of valid updates that have been issued since you bought your phone, you have an unauthorized update which they equate to a rooting event which voids the warranty. There are some rooting schemes which claim to bypass this counter, but I have never found one that actually did AND how are you going to tell if it did or not anyway. So unless you're an avid hobbyist, leave the phone/device unrooted. If you're gong to play around, get one phone/device for reliable daily use and another for rooting and pursuing your hobby
    01-26-2013 10:58 AM

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