1. Armando Cilaj's Avatar
    Hi! I have rooted my phone just to hack some games, and i havet change room or something else. Now that the Jb 4.1.2 is coming i want to update it via kies. I had rooted by supersu. I click full unroot amd the root is gone. The program is unistaled and i chech by 'rootcheker' and it says that my device is unrooted. Kies recognize my device but when I click 'firmware upgrade' itsays 'gt-1900 dosnt support initialising'. What should I do? Do you think that hard reset can bring it back as it was when i buy it? Can anyone help me?.
    01-21-2013 05:52 PM
  2. 1969mav's Avatar
    I was rooting my samsung g2 t989 and by mistake installed the wrong CWM SU ZIP IN SDCARD i think but im sure its the wrong one! becuz i open the tmobilegalaxyrootICS file and check the CWM SU zip comes with 4 files recovery cmw- hercules-tar, super su-v87-zip, which is not in my sdcard? & oldin3.ini, & oldin3 v1.85.exe! however my sdcard reads su-3.0.5-efgh-signed.zip? which when i installed the file i got error or aborted unable to install after 4 time it read installed complete enjoy! however i downloaded root checker & titanium back up & they read no root access & on superuser i tried to update it would not it read no busybox not found & root access fail! the strange thing is my phone has the android superuser pirate icon but no root? also when i press the power button to touch power off the phone starts to power off but stays stuck on the pink tmobile logo good bye & never powers off? so i am nervous what to do next unroot or take it back to tmobile? becuz it strange the how the hell i got wrong cmw superSU .zip howerver this is my 4th phone rooting 2 i have bricked & im just scared of bricking it you cannot forget that feeling your phone is a $300 etc dead turd! so if i were you i would wait! but if anyone all help is welcome! im running ICS T989 UVLI1 4.0.4 YES I THINK IT NEW my kernel is 3.0.8 build# IMM76D.UVLI1? i ve search xda google and no one has much to say! if i can root it can some one help just to go back unroot! thank you! oh for your question to update to Jbean check sammobilefirmwarepage! thanks peace
    01-28-2013 04:50 AM

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