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    Okay pretty much short and sweet, I'm leaving Sprint (I love them by the way) just cutting down my bills a month. I want to go to Virgin Mobile and wanted the best phone I can get. I see the Samsung Galaxy S II 4G they have with a dual core. I just want some opinions because I know I will get real honest ones here. How is the phone? Is there something better on VM or is this worth it?

    Thank you all in advance for the help!
    02-03-2013 07:37 AM
  2. hburn5574's Avatar
    I've had my Galaxy S2 for three months now and I absolutely love it. It is by far the best phone on the Virgin Mobile network. I have used the Intercept, Optimus Slider, EVO V, and ONE V - there is no comparison. Unlike previously used models, I have not had any issues with connectivity (wifi or data) or problems with the system lagging or crashing. It is well worth the money.

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    02-07-2013 12:33 AM
  3. Nathan Cline's Avatar
    I didn't know where else to post this and this seemed like the most recent thread for this phone: I rooted my phone using the long method described on another thread. I am still using the stock ROM, I have a few questions 1.) are there any other ROM's available for the Virgin Mobile Galaxy S2 especially a JellyBean how to install ROM's (I am familiar with Clockwork Mod). 2.) What File system to make second partition of SD card to work with the App Link2SD nothing seems to be working for me yet. 3.) Do I need to install the BusyBox app as I did with previous rooted phone I had (VM LG Optimus). I am new to this phone but had great success rooting my last phone this one seems to be much different
    02-21-2013 02:18 PM

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