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    I'm new here but I did try searching the forums on this site and others but haven't found others discussing the exact same problem so here goes.

    On my Galaxy S2, if I open Google Maps, my location shows my location incorrectly. I can understand without GPS it won't be exact, but I'm seeing my location as being at least a few blocks away no matter where I am. Same thing if I'm connected to Wifi, should that help or not? I used to own an old Windows Mobile 6.1 phone and before I would turn the GPS on, Google Maps would be off by a few feet, maybe a block or so. I was with Bell (CDMA) and I'm still with Bell (GSM).

    "Why don't you just enable GPS and forget about it", you'll say. My problem is that I need more accurrate locations without GPS. I use a Cerberus which will allow me to connect remotely to the phone to get it's location if it's lost or stolen. If the phone is on, no problem, Cerberus will enable GPS in the background and I'll get the location accurately.

    If the phone battery has died (which won't take long with the S2), I need to use the "Location History" to find the last known location (which won't have been retreived using GPS since I don't keep it on all day long).

    1. Does anyone else have a problem retrieving semi-accurate location without GPS?
    2. Why would I have accurate(ish) location with my old Windows phone and not with my Galaxy?

    Thanks in advance!

    Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100M
    02-19-2013 02:04 PM

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