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    Today my Samsung Galaxy S II started turning itself on and off. I tried taking the battery out of the phone, and when I would put the battery back in, the phone would turn on automatically. It will not let me turn it off or on, but has been doing it randomly itself. I cannot seem to get the power button to work at all. I also tried to take a screen shot since the power button is needed for that just to see if I'd have any luck, and of course it would not let me. My phone was working perfectly fine before hand and has not been dropped or banged. I did a factory reset and made sure everything was up to date on it, and now hours after that started it seems to have stopped turning itself on and off, but still will not let me use the power button. And instead of turning on and off is continually going from the screen being on and off. I am curious if this has happened to anyone else or if anyone has a solution as I don't have the money to get it looked at currently. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    S : D710.10.S.FL24

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    03-10-2013 11:22 PM

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