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    Hi All
    I have recently upgraded my S2 to the latest OS (4.1.2 - not cracked, manufacturer update). Previously my phone would connect to my car (Renault Clio with the tomtom built in, so I assume it's a tomtom system) and would work perfectly for hands free and would only pop up if I had a call etc, which is how it should function.

    Since doing the upgrade to 4.1.2, there has been a regular popping noise as soon as my phone connects by bluetooth I would say that it happens every 10-15 s. It's really frustrating as similar sounds have blown my home speakers before so god knows what it's doing to my car ones, I don't connect it anymore for fear of damage. I have tried re-pairing the device and hunting fro advanced bluetooth options on the phone to see if there is a setting ticked that shouldn't be but I can't find anything.

    Any help or advice is much appreciated, I have seen several posts about this happening with bluetooth headsets and such but none of them seem to have a definitive answer.


    04-26-2013 01:24 AM

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