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    Upgraded from ICS today and the upgrade seemed to go well.
    After the phone rebooted it comes up with a "Samsung Galaxy" screen asking me to select language. Then press "Start".
    I do that and it takes me to the next screen where i can set up time and date, then press next.
    So far so good.
    Then I am shown a "Samsung account" page where it says "Create a Samsung account and enjoy a variety of services with a single account", and i can click on "variety of services". There are buttons for "Create new account" and Sign in" and there is a "Skip" option at the bottom. None of the buttons, or supposedly clickable objects on this screen do anything! The buttons animate as if i am pressing them but they lead nowhere.

    I can press back on my phone and it will take me to the previous pages. Home button does nothing (single, double, and long hold), and menu button does nothing. Volume controls work and lock button works although i dont have my login screen. Restarting brings me to the same spot.

    Any ideas?
    04-27-2013 01:09 AM

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