1. C Harkness's Avatar
    hi, tried searching couldn't find answer. Please help or point me in right direction. Now I have read complaints about Google now and huge delay opening. Me too.

    But.... What I am most frustrated with is when browsing and I open a blank page which in my phone I have set to Google search.
    I open this Window and wait and wait and wait. I see page filling. I see a stupid picture of myself for Google + filling in top right , I see pop up windows relating to previous searches. I see restaurant reviews etc. Useless bloat that appears related to delay.

    This whole time I see the search bar empty and I tap nothing. Filling in screen. Tap again. Screen filling. Tap again. Must be 8 seconds before I can see cursor appear.

    Anyone else? I tried logging out of Google +. I tried changing settings to disable almost everything that might help but no difference.

    Pre jelly bean? I could tap microphone and got instantaneous help searching, phone numbers, map directions.

    With Google now? Oh my god! Cards filling, bloat, etc. Even turned off cards it's bad.

    But let's put Google now aside as its own problem..... my issue is just simple act of browsing and issue of not being able to do a quick Google search.

    Any help? Please!
    05-06-2013 12:10 PM
  2. C Harkness's Avatar
    Several times I have posted threads online... A few on this site..... Asking for help with different issues and no help.

    Nobody at all in several days with suggestions?.... Sigh..... Did I offend somebody or something?
    05-10-2013 08:57 AM

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