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    So for some reason whenever I try to save anything to or delete anything from my SD card it won't work. If I copy something onto it via USB from my PC the whole copy process goes smoothly and I can clearly see it in the folders and if I right click to properties I can see that the amount of used space on the memory card has gone up but the moment i disconnect the usb cord form the PC all the stuff I copied disappears! I go through my phone and none of the files I copied are anywhere to be found and I check the properties menu and the amount of used space on my memory card has gone down to what it originally was before i copied the files which basically means they were somehow deleted and this happens every time I try to copy something to the memory card. When I try to delete something from the memory card the whole process goes fine but the moment I connect the phone to my PC via USB all the files I deleted suddenly reappear! I even tried formatting the memory card, the format goes off without any kind of error message popping up but then when i check my files all the stuff is still there! So basically i can't copy new stuff or delete old stuff, anyone know a way to help me? Also I have confirmed that it is the memory card not the phone because i put the memory card into a different phone and the same thing happens.
    06-07-2013 05:26 PM
  2. eds817's Avatar
    I had a generic 64gb card that gave me problems. I never thought that it might be bad but it was. I replaced it with a name brand 32gb and haven't had any problems. If you have another card you might want to try it.

    Sent from my SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 2
    06-07-2013 05:30 PM
  3. BrianMX34's Avatar
    That's what I've been thinking but I was hoping it wasn't a defective card. This problem just started happening out of nowhere, I've had this card for a while and it never gave me problems and I haven't done anything to the card at all that would damage it. My card is name brand so I was hoping this is fixable
    06-07-2013 05:42 PM

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