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    Hi everyone. I'm terrible at phone stuff first of all so forgive such a basic question. Now I have to send my phone back to samsung because it's got a lil piece of paper stuck in the headphone jack, and they told me to save all my stuff on my phone because they'll do a factory reset. I have to remove everything, sim card, battery, sd card, case, screen protector.... but I don't know how to back up the stuff on my phone. I'ma break this up into a few questions that I'd love to have answered, one by one, in order for me to obtain a clear understanding.

    How do I know what is saved on my phone and what is saved on my sim card or my sd card? Are they photos? Apps? Contacts? Music?

    Is there an option to save stuff to my phone or to my SD card?

    Once I know what is saved on my phone, how do I save that information? Do I use Samsing Kies? Do I have to use another App?

    Do I really need the stuff saved on my phone?

    Ummm I'm gonna leave it at that, and I'll try to clarify if what I've written so far isn't clear enough. PLEASE HELP my mom gets pissy when she tries to help me with my phone stuff.

    07-15-2013 11:24 AM

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