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    Hi everyone, I am sorry if this post is not in the right directory...

    A pair of months ago I bought my first smartphone, so I am quite the noob. Suddently last week it decided to restart every 12-13 seconds (literally), as long as I don't remove the battery, and I can't find a solution on the internet. Of course I could give it to the support, but they warned me that by this way I'll lose all my data, while I'd like to save at least some. On the internet I found a couple of people with my same problem and no answer (if we exclude the "I left it in its frenzy the whole night, when I woke it was resolved", which in my case mysteriously did'nt work) can you help me?

    DETAILS - Samsung Galaxy mini 2 GT-S6500, no SD

    THE INCIDENT - I was playing a game when it freezed (no answer from any button short of the 8 seconds forced shut down), as it had already happened, so I pressed the "off" button and started waiting, since it usually worked; I fell asleep, and when I woke up the screen was on and black. When I restarted it manually it started the evil madness. I had not installed any new app.
    10-06-2013 04:48 PM

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