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    So I've been suspecting my ex could have tapped into my phone from some behaviors I've seen lately. But I cannot put my finger on it. So I installed an anti spyware app (SeCore Antispy) on my phone to see if it could detect something unusual. To my disappointment it has detected 64 potential monitoring apps, among which my banks' apps show up. I think it's only detecting apps with various permissions, since I highly doubt there could be as many voluntarily-downloaded apps "spying" on me. However, I was surprised to see the android camera appeared as one of the suspecting spyware apps, especially since the previous scans had not done that. So, I clicked to see why it had it listed as one, and it explained it had it on the list because of some "dangerous permissions" as described by SeCore Antispy (track your location, access your SMS or MMS messages, open phone camera, record sound surrounding your phone, and record your phone call.) I may be a bit paranoid, but can someone knowledgeable tell me whether those permissions are "normal" for that app?? I don't know why it would want to record my phone calls though, for example. But then again, I don't know much about smartphones. Please someone enlighten me. Thanks
    10-21-2013 09:24 PM

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