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    Whenever I go to a site or need to sign on a network (gaming) I am able to entered a user ID without any problems. It stays on there. However, when I move down to the password space, each character that I enter dissappears immediately. It does not even show "dots" or spaces. All I get is the letter that I'm typing and it dissapears right away. When I type the next character, it appears in the same place without spaces and it also vanishes. How do I reset this so I can view what I type??

    Samsung Galaxy SII T-Mobile (T-989)
    Custom Rom currently (Tuesday ROM)
    11-20-2013 10:17 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    I've seen that kind of behavior before, and I think it has something to do with the mobile browser's interaction with the secure site. What browser are you using? You could try using a different one.
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    11-20-2013 12:09 PM
  3. ManDroid7's Avatar
    Actually, it doesn't happen with the browser alone but with apps like Chase, Kaiser and a Game. Never had a problem with my browser which, by the way it's Dolphin. Do you think that maybe my antivirus may be causing this behaviour? I'm using TrustGo as my antivirus....
    11-20-2013 03:20 PM
  4. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Interesting thought. You could always uninstall TrustGo temporarily as a test.

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    11-20-2013 04:03 PM
  5. ManDroid7's Avatar
    I uninstalled it and tried to see if that would help me with my problem and did not.
    11-23-2013 11:00 AM

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