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    I'm currently traveling the world and my charging port failed on my Galaxy S2. I had the Port and card it resides on replaced in Cuba which is not ideal I know but it seems that fixed the Port but introduced a new problem - the microphone phone no longer works I'm now in central America where a Fix is even harder. The only way people can hear me on a call is if I switch to speaker. I've checked the microphone hole for a blockage as suggested on the forums and even made sure it was sitting properly in its rubber boot. All looking ok but still I have the problem. Can anyone tell me if the s2 has two microphones? If it only has one then it would be a software issue. I upgraded to Android 4.1.2 but I still have the problem. Please help I use my phone for everything while I'm traveling (especially language translation I can't speak Spanish yet) and won't be home for a long time!

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    11-26-2013 05:42 PM

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