1. gordonfink's Avatar
    I have two gt-i9100's. The stickers in the battery bay both match the IMEI on the phone.

    Phone A is having issues connecting to data and phone networks, so I checked the ROM on Phone B (which works great), downloaded it, and flashed Phone A to that ROM. It still doesn't work.

    I was going to swap the motherboards (Phone A body is mint, Phone B has a few nicks), so I could sell the mint one fully working, and the nicked one as not working with software issues.

    When I opened them up, I found that Phone A has a stacked sim/sd card reader, while phone B has two separate reader slots. Of course, the motherboards couldn't be swapped because of that.

    Both stickers say i9100GSMH, and the IMEI's match the stickers.

    So, are these different versions of the same phone? Is phone A (with stacked card reader/sim slot) some other variant, that requires a different ROM?

    Also, in looking at Phone B's motherboard, I-9100 is clearly stamped on one of the heat shields in the working phone. The non-working Phone A doesn't even have the same heat shields on the motherboard.

    So, what is Phone A (double stacked sim/sd, no stamps, won't connect to networks).

    The ROM for both is stock XWLSW, with XXMS2 baseband.

    In the pics below, Phone A (suspect) is on the left, and B is on the right. The close up is of Phone A.

    Thanks much.
    Attached Thumbnails Help Identifying SII Model-1.jpg   Help Identifying SII Model-2.jpg  
    01-12-2014 11:10 PM
  2. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    The only thing I can think of is were they physically made at different times? Say one six months later? You are probably right that the different hardware is dictating the ROM/software.
    01-12-2014 11:35 PM
  3. gordonfink's Avatar
    Thanks - every photo that I can find of motherboard for an SII looks like the one that works. I haven't seen any that look like the one that doesn't.

    The non-working phone reads the sim, and reports the network. It seems to have bars, it just won't connect. The IMEI doesn't appear blacklisted, so I'm at a bit of a loss.

    01-13-2014 08:22 AM
  4. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    Not sure what else to suggest. Sorry.

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    01-13-2014 10:45 AM
  5. Lawrence of a Labia's Avatar
    Could you post a close up of Phone B?

    01-13-2014 04:01 PM
  6. gordonfink's Avatar
    Help Identifying SII Model-3.jpgHere's a closer view of Phone B. Sorry it's a little blurry.
    01-13-2014 06:12 PM
  7. Lawrence of a Labia's Avatar
    EDIT: Found this post on XDA-Developers: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...9&postcount=10

    Maybe Phone A is an I9100T? Maybe the incorrect modem/baseband is causing the connectivity issues?
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    01-13-2014 09:49 PM
  8. gordonfink's Avatar
    That could be. It's worth a try - thanks much for trying to help out!
    01-13-2014 11:11 PM
  9. gordonfink's Avatar
    Well, the stock ROM did not work with AT&T (which I have), and I could not figure it out, so I sold it for parts. The buyer informed me that it worked perfectly with TMobile.
    01-23-2014 09:14 PM

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