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    On my power-up screen I have a PIN-lock for the SIM card.
    There is a fixed number of attempts to enter the PIN correctly.
    Do the failed attempts 'reset' when the correct PIN is entered? (do I have my full number of chances the next time I power up?)
    That is to say - is each power up a fresh start or do the attempts accumulate until the last incorrect one is entered meaning 'dead end and factory reset'? God forbid!
    Or if not, can I reset the attempts once I'm in the phone?
    A couple of times I've entered my PIN incorrectly (in a hurry usually, my fingers are a bit clumsy for the small touch pads, or in the dark/drunk...) I'm a beginner with smart phones and still have to get the hang of it.
    04-19-2014 03:43 AM

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