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    Hi guys,
    I possess a Samsung Galaxy S II phone. This phone has fallen down three times from my hand on a hard surface one of these fall the SD card was lost. Also one time has been fallen in to a sink under running water and I picked up quickly, then after the last fall (sink) the phone had turned off for about 15h, but the phone still working as normal. lastly, What happened!? I connected my phone to the charger at night, then when I wake up at morning I find my phone stoked and not working, but in the screen shown a samsung mark " Samsung GALAXY S II GT-19100". as shown in the picture:
    My Samsung Galaxy won't turn on!-photo-samsung.jpg
    So, when I tried to turn off the phone, it turned off as normal, but when I turned it on, the screen shows the same mark.
    Could any body knows how to fix my phone and turn it on?
    Anyone got any suggestions? Any clue ?
    05-22-2014 10:32 AM

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