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    I formatted my s2 but before formating I made up a backup via settings... after format is complete I lost every thing... even I lost my gallery locker software , my email accounts , my contact list... please help if I can recover my lost data...
    And one more thing... memory of phone is still full even everything is formatted .. there is no heavy app in phone but still its showing full memory status... plz plz plz help me... :/

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    01-13-2015 07:31 AM
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    The s2 doesn't have full backup capabilities by default. Formatting the phone will lose just about everything. If you selected backup play apps then they should automatically re-download but you will probably lose the settings. Next time You can use an app like Helium to backup apps and app data. It isn't perfect but the best option if you are not rooted.

    If the data is super critical then you may be able to find someone who can recreate it for you but expect to be paying a lot of money.

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    01-13-2015 07:53 AM
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    When you factory reset you loose all inputted data, account log-ins and such, and post installed apps, but your contacts should sync once you enter your account info and the device has a chance to update. I've seen it take up to 24 hours for contacts to fully sync. You should have only lost your gallery items if you chose to wipe memory with the reset, however I've seen it happen without that option, but ideally it is not supposed to touch them unless you opt to. Ideally.

    Meanwhile, if your memory is still showing full after a reset, you can do several things but the two I would try are; going to your memory/storage settings and checking what is showing for each category, i.e. Apps, Music, Downloads etc. this will tell you where your memory is being used. If your memory is being eaten up by downloads, music, and pics then you can act on that information make adjustments by transferring items off of the device. These items shouldn't have been affected by the reset, unless you chose to wipe memory with the reset. If these totals are low but your device is still showing a lack of memory the second thing I would do is another factory reset. There may have been some residual items that weren't wiped or shown as wiped with the first reset, and since you've already done one reset doing it again in a short time shouldn't cause you anymore pain than the first time. This should ensure that all of the data from your messaging app, email, Facebook, and all of that are cleared.
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    01-13-2015 08:04 AM

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