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    I recently rooted my Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus GT-I9105 (JB 4.2.2) with CWM and now i'm planning to install a ROM compatible with my phone which has Android version 4.4 or 5.0.

    I stumbled upon the following articles here on XDA:

    [ROM][4.4.2][UNOFFICIAL]Cyanogenmod 11 - Pg. 178 | Samsung Galaxy S II Plus | XDA Forums
    [ROM][4.4.4][UNOFFICIAL][M12]Cyanogenmod 11.… | Samsung Galaxy S II Plus | XDA Forums
    [ROM][UNOFFICIAL] CyanogenMod 12.0 [20150207… | Samsung Galaxy S II Plus | XDA Forums

    Can somebody tell me:
    • How is it's interface? Is it Stock Android interface or some other?
    • The installation method on the pages mentioned above say "Optionally install the Google Apps Addon". What is this Google Apps Addon?
    • If I install CM, which version would you prefer? CM11 with Android 4.4.2? CM11 with Android 4.4.4? CM12 with Android 5.0.2?
    • If I don't get the Stock Android interface, how do I get it on the ROMs provided on the above mentioned links? (if I install one of them)
    • Can I get back to the Stock ROM through Odin?
    • Are there any risks?

    Please give me any information about this because I am new to rooting.

    Once I have enough information, I will install CM and I will reply the results here.
    02-12-2015 08:41 AM
  2. anon(8373095)'s Avatar
    02-12-2015 12:09 PM
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    Go to the links and read the threads! You MUST root your phone to use these, any of them, there are webpages linked that explain in detail how to do it. There are videos on you-tube that show you how. BEFORE you try any of that perform a full BACK-UP. to your external SD and heck, copy that to your computer just in case, then you can always get back to the system you have now. Using a GT-i9100 I've now tried out several of these ROMs including the 5.02 Cyanomod, my favorite (so far) is the Resurrection_Remix_LP_v5.3.8 which I am running now. The GAPPS is the Google Apps and Google play etc, I would advise you to install it, since without it many (most) of the apps you use now will not work. Google is built in to the way the phone works and almost all apps rely upon it to carry out tasks. I tried leaving it out entirely, and the phone works, is faster and more responsive and it frees up a lot of space in your system memory, BUT many apps will not work without it, you can also find stripped-down, slimmer versions that will allow you to get rid of things you don't use, and you can also repartition your internal memory to allow for more system memory, but this will (inversely and directly) reduce the internal storage as well, all you are doing is re-allocating a fixed amount, not increasing it, but on my phone I've gone from the 2GB system to 6GB, this means I don't run into the out of (system) memory nearly as soon. using other apps you can move many but not all programs to the SD card and for some, to an extent to the external SD card... before you try any of these things Back-up your system, then play with it, you may screw things up and experience frustration but so long as you have backed it up you can fix it... within reason... DO make sure the ROMS you flash are for your phone EXACTLY! if they aren't they may fail to install or fail to boot. no problem, restore, and try a different ROM, or figure out what you did wrong, if it IS the right ROM... The failures I experienced were all due to not doing exactly what I was supposed to, some I figured out how to fix myself, others, I just restored and tried a different approach, so far I have installed 4 varied ROMs to see which I like the best. I would recommend the Cyanomod 5.02 to you, as it looks nice, works well and is stable, but without the Resurrection ROMs extras that would probably be safer NOT in your hands, as you can screw things up more easily with them, no offense... but DO read the forums accompanying the ROM posts, there you will see issues others have had as well as mistakes they make and the 'fixes'. I say this because I didn't read all of them first, I just jumped right in and one of the failures I had was simply skipping a step... rebooting the phone before installing the ROM, I figured it wouldn't matter, I'd wiped everything already... but IT did matter, wouldn't boot, the fix, just do it over but following the instructions this time. I love how much better the system works now as well as the additional apps that can only be used on a rooted device I see no downside to rooting and upgrading the OS... but as always, you do it at your own risk! The comments sections make for interesting reading, but quickly become boring, since it is clear most of the posters didn't bother to read the previous posts which contained the answer to their problem... I could never be so patient as to keep answering the same questions over and over, that's what FAQs and the comments are there for! Go for it and, have fun...
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    03-19-2015 10:41 PM
  4. anon(8373095)'s Avatar
    hey thanks man
    i've waited so long for a reply

    i flashed CM12 first but then I tried Resurrection Remix v5.3.8 [5.0.2], I love it

    touch wiz sucks
    03-21-2015 02:00 PM

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