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    Hey guys, I have a Samsung Galaxy SII GT-I9100 that I refuse to let go of. This phone is the perfect size, looks good, and has decent processing power. I have replaced the screen multiple times and also replaced the dock connector a few times (a $4 part), as well as the rear facing camera.

    Now the problem that I am having is sometimes (It seems to happen a lot of the time when on Snapchat which is really hard on my data but is definitely not limited to Snapchat) my service will go from any amount, it doesn't matter if I have one bar or 4, straight to the no service circle with a line through it. If I leave it the service will usually return in less than a minute but sometimes it will take almost 2. This happens while texting or using Snapchat and will also just happen when I'm not using the phone. I am 100 percent certain it is not interference or bad signal because it will jump from full bars down to nothing and then back up to full without me touching it. Other cell phones on the same network do not have an issue.

    At first I figured that it was just a glitch in the software so I reset the phone to factory but that didn't help because even while I was on Google Play reinstalling my old apps the problem came back. So then I looked to hardware which seemed likely because I have done so much work on the phone. I inspected the ends of the micro-coax cable which looks good on both ends. I also bent the gold contacts that connect to the outer housing of the phone outwards so that they make a stronger contact when the phone is together. I have also made sure that all of the screws are tight.

    The problem always occurs when I am using my data connection. If I send texts it is usually fine but when I use Snapchat the problem will show up

    I have never seen this issue before and I would really appreciate any insight anyone might have because I really like this phone and it would be a shame to let it go after all the work I've done to it.

    03-09-2016 08:58 PM

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