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    Had this posted in another thread but wanted to make it its own to hopefully get some more attention and discussion going...

    So I was all set to break down and get the charge but then delays hit and I was really shocked... ... ...

    Now I'm really hung up on this phone if it's lte or not... really love the features and design. Loved the charges physical keys tho...

    I know ill end up rooting so I can rom and overclock, and my guess is setup like that the s2 might even hover towards lte like speeds for normal usage of airwaves. Big downloads excluded.

    The bio-rga also seriously has given me pause but with literally no info about its release or revamped features beyond rampant speculation on the forums makes waiting torturous... then again we really have no definite info if the s2 is on verizon/not, has lte/doesn't, or when its going to release...

    I'm holding out for the may 24th event and hoping for a miracle simultaneous multicarrier release...

    I can't get any work done cause all I can think about is this!!!!

    To wrap up I'd like to see a discussion on which phone do u all think will be most dominate when rooted, rommed and kerneled out to its Max overclocked state.. take into account lte vs. Non-lte possibilities. And also having the phone over 2 years of a contract.

    Not to mention tiered data. Although i imagine the equivalent $30 package on tiered data will have a fairly high threshold of gigs.

    Charge (lte w/ single core overclocked)
    S2 (most likely non lte but dual core over clocked)
    Bionic/targa (best of both but no SAMOLED+ or timeframe other than summer)

    All right people, let it rip there's a ways to go before may 24!
    05-06-2011 01:57 PM

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