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    Apologies for posting in the "wrong forum", but apparently the phone I have doesn't fit in anywhere else, which is a problem (maybe).

    I'm new to Android and Samsung phones. I recently replaced my Nokia E63 with a Samsung "Galaxy 580" (GT-i5800L). My cellular provider is a local company, so I'm used to having a phone that's not exactly like the major carriers' phones. Until now, this hasn't been a problem. I found out today, through digging around on different countries' Samsung websites that my new phone is for the Latin America region. I may be from LA, but it's not Latin America (or Los Angeles).

    What makes this a problem is that I can't register my phone with Samsung US, because the IMEI for my particular phone isn't in their database, and I don't see the point of trying to register it with one of the Central/South American Samsung sites, since I'm not there.

    It's a pretty nice phone, It's the same as Canada's Apollo, and very similar to the UK Apollo. It's running Eclair (I'd like to upgrade to Froyo, but it's not available in the Americas, apparently), and except for no Flash support, I haven't had much to complain about.

    Having said all that, I would like to know if I even have a warranty, since my phone isn't a US region model and I can't register it with Samsung US. Should I try to return it to my cellular provider and ask for a US model or a different phone? Should I take a chance and root it? Is there a version of Froyo that would work with this phone?

    Sorry for being long-winded.
    05-13-2011 05:54 PM