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    Got this phone yesterday and with the exception of two flaws, I'm blown away by just how great android is in comparison to my iphone. One of the faults for me is the loudness of my headphones in this device in comparison to when my headphones were plugged into my iphone (quite a big difference). I'm not all that experienced with headphones but if I invested in a better quality pair, would it increase how potentially loud they can go?

    I'm currently using the sennheiser cx400 ones which do have decent bass. Can anyone recommend any good upgrades which would sound louder at higher volumes? I'm from the UK so it'd preferably be available here and cost between 30-50 quid. I also like the in ear ones like the cx400 as they're more portable.

    Any advice would be appreciated!
    05-31-2011 05:07 PM