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    Having a perfect experience with this phone so far I was very upset to find tonight. That I turned off my phone at 32% (after using for 10 hours pretty heavily which I think is good) and put mg brand new 16gig SD card in. Put the battery back and started up my phone. 18% battery now, say what??
    Anyone else have this interesting "issue"
    Cause I don't know if its my battery reader that's messed up or if I do have low battery on a battery pull. Idk.

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    06-07-2011 01:23 AM
  2. stevehsteveh's Avatar
    I had this happen once on a reboot of the phone where it appeared that the phone wasnt properly updating the battery life. Never had this happen again, and I would not be concerned about it.
    06-07-2011 08:12 AM
  3. nyc_rock's Avatar
    A reboot can cause excessive battery drain as well.
    06-07-2011 11:07 AM
  4. Officerpolabear's Avatar
    Yeah it could just be that you rebooted it although, it shouldn't have taken that much power. I would say it should have only brought down a percentage or two.
    06-07-2011 05:38 PM