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    I just put my order in via ExpansysUSA on my Galaxy S II and was wondering from other users who have gotten their units here in the US on at&t if you ordered a screen protector and case for your GSII, can you point me out a link?

    Also, do you happen to know if at at&t stores, the S Infuse 4G accesories are compatible with the GSII?

    Thank you

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    06-19-2011 02:52 PM
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    I bought a Samsung vent case for my SGS2 via ebay.uk. Expensive but nice lightweight case, with rubberized finish:

    Case-Mate makes a "barely there" case for SGS2 which is still pretty slim but provides a bit more protection than the vent case:
    Samsung Galaxy S II Cases, Covers, Accessories for Samsung Galaxy S II by Case-Mate

    I bought an invisishield screen protector from zagg and had Best Buy install it for me:
    ZAGG | invisibleSHIELD | Cases, Screen Protectors, Covers, Shields, Skins, Invisible Shield

    The official Samsung Infuse car dock and desk dock are too big (size wise) for the SGS2, but I can use the SGS2 with vent case in the desk dock, charges well when vertical. I tried adding some "padding" to enable SGS2 to fit into Infuse car dock, but it wouldn't charge.
    06-19-2011 09:06 PM
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    Wao thank you for all these information. I saw the vent case and like it, it looks like a snapon case much like the ones offer for iphones that are also snapon.

    When I get home I'll look at the other links. Thank you .

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    06-19-2011 09:27 PM
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    You're absolutely right, the vent case is a snap-on.

    I use an HTC EVO side messenger case with the SGS2 (with vent case on), it's a perfect fit:

    I'll subscribe to this thread in case you have any additional questions.

    Enjoy your SGS2, it's a great phone!!
    06-20-2011 06:08 AM
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    Thank you Geekaren for subscribing. As soon as I get this case I will post pictures, but I think I'm going to get the GSII before since the case said would take like 10-14 days from eBay.UK website and I'm in Miami, Florida.

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    06-20-2011 06:15 AM
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    I just got this screen protector:


    I have to say it is excellent. I had been using ghost armor on my Atrix and Iphone before that. I thought those were great screen protectors. I was so torn between using one on the GS2 and not. The GS2 screen is so amazing and the coating so finger print resistant I didnt want to mess it up. And the feel of the naked GS2 screen is the best I have ever felt. The Rearth screen protector is a silky smooth as the naked screen and it does a great job of resisting smudges. I highly recommend it.

    I am using the casemate barely there case. Great case. I recommend that as well.
    06-20-2011 06:27 AM
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    Thx for letting know. I order mine from a site called buy.com it is supposed to fit the GSII. Since I'm in my old Palm Pre I can't post any links....when I get home I'll post the link to where I got my screen protector.

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    06-20-2011 06:48 AM