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    I just find a Samsung Galaxy S 2 faq from:Samsung Galaxy S 2 FAQ - Tablet & Smartphone FAQ, and i think it would be useful to you. so i share it with you:

    The Samsung Galaxy S2 is Samsungs flagship phone for 2011 and is the first Samsung phone to be powered by a dual-core processor. The smartphone runs Android version 2.3 (Gingerbread) and has an incredible 4.3 inch Super AMOLED Plus touchscreen. One highlight includes 1080p Full HD video recording.

    Owning such a powerful Android smartphone, many new users may encountered some problems, such as how to make video ringtone, how to transport movies/music from PC to Galaxy S 2, etc. So after several days using and experiment, now I share the using skills with you!

    Following lists are step-by-step guide from all aspects on how to better enjoy this powerful Android SmartPhone.

    1, Video Format for Sumsung Galaxy S 2 Play Test
    From Galaxy S 2 user manual, I know Galaxy S 2 supported formats, so I tried MP4, WMV, MKV, 60fps video for playing on it. This article share the detail, and hopefully it can help you!

    2, Stream Movies/Music to Galaxy S 2 with Samsung Kies
    Many people are confused how to transfer movies/music from PC to the Android smartphone, so this article share the detail for it.

    3, Play Over 4GB Movies on Galaxy S 2 with High Quality
    Many owners like convert Blu-ray or DVD to Galaxy S 2 supported format for playing, but when import converted files to Galaxy S 2 for playing, it displays Unable to play video, why?

    4, Convert DVD ISO/IFO Image Files to Galaxy S 2 for High Quality Playback
    There are many tools can rip DVD to Galaxy S 2 for high quality playback. However, if you have DVD ISO/IFO image files, how to realize it?

    5, Watch Galaxy S 2 Recorded 3GP 1080P Clips on HDTV via HDMI
    If you have a HDTV, and want to enjoy recorded 3GP 1080P videos via HDMI for sharing with family, colleague or friends, just take from here.

    6, Experience Sharing Increase Galaxy S 2 Battery Life
    When go hiking or other long journey, you may worry about battery life. This article will share the experience of increasing battery life, and you can try it for killing those boring time on plane, train, etc.

    7, Transcode TV Shows(.TiVo) to Galaxy S 2 in Full Screen
    with the popularity of TiVo, you may want to convert these TV shows to your Galaxy S 2 for enjoying. For it, this article share the easily way to achieve it.

    8, Convert MKV DTS to MP4 AAC for High Quality Playing on Galaxy S 2
    We know DTS has high audio quality, but it cant be supported by Galaxy S 2. Only converting DTS to AAC can be played on Galaxy S 2 well.

    9, Capture Galaxy S 2 recorded 3GP 1080P Clips to Apple ProRes for FCP
    Galaxy S 2 has built-in editing software Video maker, but it is difficult to use. In this situation, if you want to edit its recorded 3GP videos, converting them to Apple ProRes or AIC for editing in Final Cut Pro is a good choice.

    10, Galaxy S 2 Video Ringtone Making Tutorial
    Perhaps you have annoyed regular music ringtones and want to use a wonderful clip as your ringtone. How to realize it to enrich your digital fun on the Android mobile phone? Just read this article!
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    I think how to increase battery life can also on other smartphone.
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    Is there a way to change de icons? I love the phone, but most of the icons are ugly...
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    witch. s2. am i. :o)
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