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    I wanted to make a mount mod to play games on my GS3 using a Sixaxis PS3 controller. Here are some pictures of how I made it. All parts were inexpensive and only one that is a little difficult to find was the plastic piece that I built my mount around. I bought a cheap 10 dollar or so PS3 wireless keyboard and used its mount for this. I will be using the keyboard with my old phone as a XBMC project with HDMI cord. So in the end the clip was a bonus.

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    07-18-2012 10:44 PM
  2. Kench33's Avatar
    Could you do that with an xbox controller? Also how do you even connect it to your ps3 controller?
    07-18-2012 10:54 PM
  3. Gerane's Avatar
    The ps3 controller connects via Bluetooth and is configured using an app called sixaxis controller.

    The Xbox controllers don't use Bluetooth.

    The mount has different tilt settings. So I can adjust it depending on my needs

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    07-19-2012 06:15 AM
  4. vzwty's Avatar
    You could use the USB to go feature and used a wired ps3 or xbox 360. The ps3 runs natively but the 360 requires and app available in the market. Very cool design, I bet you could sell a bunch of those.
    07-19-2012 09:46 AM
  5. Gerane's Avatar
    I think it would be harder to mount a phone to a Xbox controller.

    I am really enjoying it so far. I am impressed at how well the joystick movement works.

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    07-19-2012 11:33 AM
  6. ajaxkiller's Avatar
    Wow great job man. Just a request, could you list the pieces and where you purchased. I would like to make one if these myself.

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    07-19-2012 11:49 AM
  7. Kevin Harvell's Avatar
    I would love a parts list as well.

    Looks like the plastic keyboard mount would work wonderfully.
    07-19-2012 02:58 PM
  8. InkedAdrenaline's Avatar
    I want one, how much for you to make me one?

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    07-19-2012 03:04 PM
  9. Predator04's Avatar
    Would be interested. Plan on selling the parts to do it? Ill buy one!
    07-19-2012 07:23 PM
  10. Gerane's Avatar
    I will try to get a list together this weekend of the parts and where I bought them.

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    07-20-2012 04:50 PM
  11. cavscout19's Avatar
    what game is that!!??
    07-20-2012 05:37 PM
  12. ajaxkiller's Avatar
    Any luck on that price list ?

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    07-27-2012 04:16 PM
  13. Gerane's Avatar
    Haven't had a chance to yet. An going to tomorrow though.

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    07-28-2012 10:37 PM
  14. Almeuit's Avatar
    That's a awesome mod man

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    07-28-2012 11:02 PM
  15. ajaxkiller's Avatar
    Thanks man looked for the cheap keyboard mount and could not find it. Is an awesome mod

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    07-28-2012 11:36 PM
  16. GK3K's Avatar
    Nice setup!

    For a second, I thought you were this fellow who also created a rig for his Galaxy Note.

    ps3-android - Imgur
    07-28-2012 11:46 PM
  17. MattSchollz's Avatar
    I may have to attempt something like this soon, looks amazing.
    08-22-2012 04:58 PM
  18. vic_singh's Avatar
    Wicked.. My weekend project

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    09-08-2012 12:19 AM
  19. Martyn Hogarth's Avatar
    Where can i get the clear plastic clip that holds the ps3 controller? you could send me a full parts list as I'm deffo going to make one of these... it looks awesome
    12-05-2012 10:03 AM
  20. guitarplayer06's Avatar

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    12-08-2012 05:50 PM
  21. xKrNMBoYx's Avatar
    Nice mod..I like it. What game is that?
    12-08-2012 06:56 PM
  22. makaroni's Avatar
    Absolute Genius. That looks insane. I love it

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    12-08-2012 08:36 PM
  23. Henrik Jakobsen's Avatar
    After a little bit searching the web i found the keyboard and mount, used.
    Here is the link to ebay; Logic 3 Keyboard PS3 Wireless LOGIC3 PS919 | eBay

    And the original is sold in the phillipines by cdrking.com
    01-30-2013 08:13 AM