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    Posted this (below) back on 13 Nov 2012 (on the AT&T Accessories Forum), after receiving my UAG Aviator . . (looks like this thread didn't start 'til the19th, and shamefully, I didn't even notice this 'Samsung S3 Accessories' sub-forum 'til yesterday! ):


    Just received this case & also here, today, ($24.99 on Amazon, the day I ordered it last week, but it fluctuates), and it fit's like a great glove. It's slim, like the GS3, and the fit really seems perfect :thumbs up; all buttons work great; all ports are lined-up perfect; no screen protector curl-up; and if I do say so myself . . the Aviator is a pretty cool look with the pebble blue GS3 ! In fact, it kinda now looks like my GS3 is ready to go on covert special ops commando missions! It's Skookum!

    I guess I also accidentally happened upon a FANTASTIC screen protector; it seems almost bullet-proof to me, and compared to all previous sp's I've had on various iPhones in the past, by far the best I've ever seen. Moreover, absolutely no problems with the UAG case, not the slightest hint of any edge roll-up. Also, not a fingerprint magnet. Bought it at our local AT&T (authorized dealer) store; looks like an AT&T store, but not a corporate store:

    Brand: MYBAT
    * front of package: Twin Pack - Package Included: 2 Protector Films - I Cleaning Cloth
    * front of package: SAM-L710 (Galaxy S3) - Galaxy S3
    * rear of package SKU & barcode: SAMSIILCDSCPRTW (barcode) 885126030403
    * $9.99


    [ UPDATE ]: Overall, the UAG is still the best case I've ever used, but in the 'CONS' category...the exterior of the case is slicker/slipperier than I expected it to be, considering the matte-looking (in the pics) exterior finish. Great for slipping in & out of pocketsbut it's also almost slipped out of my hand several timesover the last month.
    12-11-2012 07:05 AM
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