12-11-2012 08:05 AM
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  1. cgardnervt's Avatar

    I just ordered this case. Anyone have it already? I will be posting pictures and video with a small review next week sometime when I get it!

    Let me know if you already got it. Do you like it? Pros and Cons maybe? I hope it works well with a ZAGG IS HD!

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    11-19-2012 02:11 PM
  2. Tarant's Avatar
    I don't have one but an looking forwards to your review.

    What color did you get?

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    11-20-2012 02:06 AM
  3. cgardnervt's Avatar
    I don't have one but an looking forwards to your review.

    What color did you get?

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    I got the Outland (Orange) for my white S3.
    11-20-2012 07:01 AM
  4. philly nitro's Avatar
    amazon has them for 25$
    11-20-2012 09:51 AM
  5. gilbequick's Avatar
    amazon has them for 25$
    You can get a Sedio Active for $25 on eBay
    11-20-2012 04:46 PM
  6. cgardnervt's Avatar
    You can get a Sedio Active for $25 on eBay
    Sounds good if thats a case you want. However I'm not much of a Sedio fan. So I will pass for the UAG case! :P I will keep you posted on if it was a good buy or not. I think I will have it Monday or Tuesday!
    11-22-2012 08:29 AM
  7. cgardnervt's Avatar
    Damn it! My new case is sitting at my office. Didn't think it would come so soon. Guess I will wait it out till Monday. :-P

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    11-24-2012 08:58 PM
  8. blaze5's Avatar
    That's a nice looking case I hope they make one for the note 2

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    11-24-2012 09:05 PM
  9. cgardnervt's Avatar
    All I can say is perfection! The buttons line up and it just looks so nice over all! I will be posting some pictures and full review of the case soon!
    11-27-2012 07:49 AM
  10. that_maynard's Avatar
    I have a black one and also a white one. The white one looks better IMO. Really love the case, the buttons line up and make it easier to find the power switch than most cases. Great purchase!
    11-29-2012 05:35 AM
  11. Bond32's Avatar
    That case has a lot of good reviews. Personally I think it looks goofy but that's just me.

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    11-29-2012 01:11 PM
  12. BergerKing's Avatar
    UAG is one of the cases I'm considering. The others are Trident Kraken or Aegis, but not a Seidio. I had one of their cases on an old BlackBerry, and it ground dirt into my phone and left it pitted. Won't make that mistake again!
    11-30-2012 06:03 PM
  13. blaze5's Avatar
    Would I able to use this case with a leather pouch?

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    11-30-2012 07:17 PM
  14. LazrRocketArm's Avatar
    Does it feel like it gives it protection?

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    12-01-2012 10:27 AM
  15. mak916's Avatar
    Does anyone not like this case? I only hear good things about this case. I am thinking of picking one up once the price goes down a little more.
    12-01-2012 08:54 PM
  16. guitarplayer06's Avatar
    I ordered mine off Amazon the day I got my phone, $25 gets you the case and a free screen protector. The case feels great, it looks great and the allignment of the holes are perfect. The black case contrasts my white phone very nicely, too. I love it .

    P.s. I'm confident it will protect the phone as well. They put a lot of thought into it, check out the reviews on Amazon if you want.
    12-01-2012 09:03 PM
  17. bfdtpkt's Avatar
    I've had this UAG WHITE case for my White S3 for a week now and absolutely love it! I moved from an iPhone G3S to this SAMSUNG and so far I'm happy with it.
    As far as the case goes, my WHITE case looks awesome on the white phone......I've already dropped it with no issues, it looks very sturdy, not bulky at all and has that "industrial" look.
    I saw a survey from UAG about producing an "OD" (olive drab for those that have not served our country) case, as well as a "desert" CAMO case which I would order today if it was available!

    Also came with a screen protector...... I haven't had since I tried one 10 years ago that was a joke. I didn't expect this UAG screen protector to amount to much but I'm happy to say, it installed very easily and looks nonexistent...the only downside is it shows fingerprints/smudges pretty bad. I wonder who makes this screen protector?
    I'm thinking about ordering another screen protector that doesn't show fingerprints/smudges.........
    maybe a UAG employee could chime in.

    Overall.....I'm very happy with the new white case, I made the right choice for me..........got it on AMAZON, by the way!
    12-01-2012 11:54 PM
  18. blaze5's Avatar
    All I can say is perfection! The buttons line up and it just looks so nice over all! I will be posting some pictures and full review of the case soon!
    Does it have any effect on the nfc??
    12-02-2012 04:21 AM
  19. cgardnervt's Avatar
    Does it have any effect on the nfc??

    Just letting you know. Its hands down the best case that I have ever owned for a phone. They got them self a new fan! UAG > ALL OTHERS!

    Plus they give great customer support.
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    12-06-2012 12:13 PM
  20. BMIC50's Avatar
    I'll chime in as another happy owner of a black UAG Urban Armor case. Top notch build quality and all of the ports line up. Protection isnt as great as the Otterbox Commuter, but sufficient for most rough excursions. I love how it feels in the hand. I havent used mine in awhile because my idea to customize it with basketball leather didnt work as well as with the Acase Superleggera.

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    12-06-2012 05:35 PM
  21. sal the wop's Avatar
    Just got the black case today. I've owned the commuter, defender, incipio, etc. This is the best I've owned. The look, feel, and build are great.

    Already getting compliments.... HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

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    12-06-2012 09:04 PM
  22. blaze5's Avatar
    They need to make one for the note 2
    12-06-2012 09:31 PM
  23. bfdtpkt's Avatar
    Just a short update on my WHITE UAG case for my WHITE S3..........

    VERY happy with this case, can't wait for the CAMO cases......operation of my S3 actually improved because the "power" button is no longer pushed by accident...without a case I was always bumping the power button by accident and turning the S3 off...the button was very "touchy"! Now with my UAG case the power stays on until I press the power button!

    The case looks awesome, thought maybe the "white" would get dirty but it's as clean as the day AMAZON shipped it to me!
    I get compliments about how great it looks!
    FORGET all these other gimmicky cases, get the UAG...........you'll be very happy!
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    12-08-2012 01:15 PM
  24. Ricky20's Avatar
    Just got the black one today... It's an amazing case
    12-08-2012 11:45 PM
  25. Josh Mcgrath's Avatar
    I have the white one and it's just marvelous..... such a great build quality! and from an engineering standpoint those little hexagons do help to absorb shock!
    12-09-2012 03:20 PM
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