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    Several weeks ago I got a RAVpower 2250mah battery for my SGS3. It fit in the phone just like the OEM battery, without need for a special back.
    I use my phone quite a bit during the day, and charge it at night. By the time I replaced the old battery, the OEM was requiring a re-charge or my external battery pack by 5pm.

    For the last month this RAVpower battery has lasted all day, with 40-45% power left by the time I plugged it into the charger at night.
    I recently spent 1 week in the hospital, and the phone was my only means of browsing the web, reading forums, and entertainment, aside from the TV in the room. Only one time did I have to plug in the external battery, and that was at about 9pm for 1 hour.

    I also have a new Samsung battery, and 2 Anker units, but this RAVpower has outlasted them all. I'm very pleased with this battery, and will be buying another one for my Wifes' phone.
    Double thumbs up, RAVpower.

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    04-08-2014 05:29 PM

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