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    Not satisfied with the performance of my Galaxy S3 original battery now. Found a helpful review on Amazon:
    “…MPJ pushed from 100%->18% battery.
    Screen: Time on, 2h, 24m, 26s
    Ingress: CPU total 1h 56m 2, CPU foreground 1h 55m 48s, GPS 2h 26m 54s.

    These are pretty punishing numbers. Battery Monitor Widget informed me that the battery consumption was ~994 mA.

    The Anker was pushed from 100->14%
    Screen: 2h 13m 46s,
    Ingress: CPU total 1h 33m 19s, foreground 1h 32m 43s, GPS 2h 10m 33s…”

    I am ripe for picking both of them, but got one more question left. Does the longevity of aftermarket battery is same as original battery?
    Any help will be most welcomed, thank you.
    10-31-2014 01:06 AM

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