1. Droidcola's Avatar
    These phones seem to be the most touch responsive and the best for multi-touch. Why is this? Is this due to the hardware or do the different versions of Android / UI's play a role in this? For example, when the Evo gets updated to 2.2 does it have the potential to be more touch responsive than it is now or is touch sensitivity a hardware only thing?
    07-29-2010 09:34 PM
  2. Andrew Ruffolo's Avatar
    Its a culmination of hardware. They have different digitizers and processors than other android phones.
    07-29-2010 10:35 PM
  3. Droidcola's Avatar
    So even with Froyo on all phones, Galaxy S will still feel and scroll more responsive than the rest?
    07-30-2010 01:14 AM
  4. Andrew Ruffolo's Avatar
    We'll see. N1 is choppy on froyo
    07-30-2010 07:55 AM
  5. icebike's Avatar
    We'll see. N1 is choppy on froyo
    Not my N1.
    Not choppy at all.
    Maybe you have some rogue app sucking cycles?
    08-01-2010 07:03 PM
  6. lillejord's Avatar
    Thought it was because of the SuperAMOLED screen? I thought I read somewhere that it was more responsive. Possibly do to the touch sensor being integrated into the screen?
    08-02-2010 09:11 PM