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    I bought Samsung Galaxy S with a lot of excitement about its hardware features. I recently upgraded to DDJG4 firmware.

    1. When I send a contact as a Name-card using messaging, it goes as a MMS and SMS. Thus, I end up paying Rs. 5 per message and not Rs. 0.10 which I pay for a SMS. Moreover, recipient of the SMS may not have GPRS connectivity on his phone.
    2. When someone with a Nokia handset (Symbian OS), sends me a Business Card as SMS, the message is received on my phone as content not supported. Most phones in the market are Nokia make and I cannot receive contacts from them. However, I can receive Business Card from a Nokia phone over Bluetooth.
    3. When someone with a Windows Mobile 6.1 sends me a contact using MMS, it doesnt reach me and the senders phone displays a message saying that a MMS is waiting the recepient of the message at a given URL (with a password). So the sender has to read out the URL and the password to me. Instead he could simply read out the contact details!
    4. Why is there not an auto-sync between phone contacts and Google contacts? As of now, I need to update both separately.
    5. Normal dialler cannot search by surname or comnany name.
    6. I have a more fundamental question. I have a Samsung Galaxy S. I do get the option of Update Existing Contact, but when I pres that it takes me to all my 2500 plus contacts. Now, I have to select an alphabet and then keep scrolling the to reach the right contact which is to be updated. In case of letter S alone, I have more than 400 contacts! In case of Symbian and Windows, this issue was not there and I could search the right contact to be updated,
    7. Why is Kies such an erratic software on my Windows 7 64 bit and even on other Operating Systems (like Vista)? Sometimes the phom connects and sometimes it doesnt. Besides installing Kies, I also need to install a driver separately.
    8. Transfer over BT from Galaxy S to Galaxy S is troublesome.
    9. Why do some applications start running all by themselves though I have not started these applications (like Mybackup Pro, Sprite Backup, Email, Call Recorder Voice Dialler, News Pro, Profile, Daily Briefing etc.)? These apps consume a whole lot of RAM.
    10. Cant I choose a higher resolution video on youtube by waiting for longer period if I have a 2.5 G connection? Presently, Youtube seems to adjust picture resolution as per available speed.
    11. Why does the in-built messaging system have a restriction of not being able to send a SMS of more than 480 charaxters? Anything more than 480 characters gets converted to MMS thus costing me many times more money.
    12. Which is the inbuilt reminder for the tasks to be performed? Adding so many tasks in the calendar is very troublesome.
    13. How can I assign a commn picture to a Group?
    14. Why cant Daily Briefing display more than one appointments / events?
    15. What is the likely date of release of Froyo upgrade in India? Will Android 3.0 be supported on Galaxy S?
    16. 16. How do I import my notes from Windows Mobile file (it is in .pim format)? I have transferred the data over Bluetooth but it is unreadable on Android 2.1.

    Sanjeev Gupta
    08-29-2010 05:30 PM
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    08-31-2010 02:52 PM