1. thommi7's Avatar
    hi i just bought an i9000 that wont connect to 3g data. it connects to 2g intermintently ,a and will flash to 3g for about 2 seconds.im in the UAE (united arab emerites) and support has been hard to find. my provider said that its an OS issue since it failed to register with a code they gave, that i have since lost. i contacted samsung, and they said they did not support the UAE version of the phone, and gave me a number that redirected me to the exact same dept. i tried to install some roms, but i cant get into recover. it brings me to a yellow triangle that says "Downloading... Do not turn off Target!!!" from here, i can boot up but cant get into recovery. i also tried the 1 click root, but that also doesnt seem to get me to recovery (might be user error here).

    ive tried my sim card on other devices, and they connect to 3g 99% of the time. im also in a good location. 4-5 bars

    i was able to root and load into recover before, but since i used one click to unroot, i cant get it back

    so, i was hoping there was a way i could reload the OS using a sync cable. i am current on i9000jxjf3 kernel 2.6.29@rootSE-s606 #2

    thanks in advance
    09-06-2010 07:31 AM
  2. gdigenis's Avatar
    If you can get into download mode you should be able to go straight to recovery mode from the screen with the yellow triangle.

    Regardless, since you can get to download mode just connect to a pc using your data cable and use odin to flash a new firmware. It should only take a few minutes. There are plenty of videos on youtube and many links in the I9000 forum at xda-developers.com

    Odin is a free download and super easy to use. just watch the video walk-throughs first
    09-08-2010 12:48 AM