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    Hi Guys,

    I am planning to buy a High End phone. Though my Basic requirement is mostly Emailing, IM and Web Browsing. My prime concern is whenever I visit a website the viewing has to be clear and comfortably big. So I am looking out for a phone with a decent screen. Now I have shortlisted two phones the Nokia N900 and the Samsung Galaxy S-i9000.

    I know that the SGS comes with an Amoled Screen, which supports 16 Million colors but frankly speaking a lot of people have been saying this to me besides the big, vibrant screen the SGS offers there is nothing special about it. Still running Android 2.1. Ok Offers Multi-touch screen, Pinch to Zoom ease and all. But frankly it cannot be the only deciding factor atleast not for me. Android Apps have reached to a staggering number but while everyone is happy about the numbers a lot remains to be desired on how much of those Apps are really useful. Though Multi-Tasking is also there on the SGS, the quality and the feel is Horrible is what I have heard from initial feedback, it keeps killing most of the apps in the background when you run a website on it.

    On the Other hand N900 which supports full desktop browsing. Out of the world Multi-Tasking though appears old in front of the SGS is a very powerful contender against the SGS. MAEMO-5 soon expected to get a 3 update which will perhaps bring Flash 10.1 will virtually make it invincible. But my worry is after looking at these Amoled screens practically everything in the world which is not Amoled looks very Dull, same is the case with the N900. any punch line or a convincing piece of information that you guys have to offer which will help me decide between these two phones.
    09-19-2010 07:22 AM