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    Ok, I'm a newbie here and to Droid. I have searched this forum but found no help yet.
    Symptom or Change;
    1. First day I got my new Captivate, I went to my livestream site that was actively broadcasting a live feed. The browser and phone were connected to my WiFi internet signal. The Captivate browser displayed a brilliant, fullscreen image of the player being monitored on my laptop. I used it to adjust the camera aim it was so good.

    1. On a subsequent attempt to do the same thing this weekend, the browser brings up the pier21 - live streaming video powered by Livestream page without a video player at all and the chat pane is empty too.
    Items I have tried to correct or regain the beautiful fullscreen video feed.
    1. Reboot Phone including a battery removal.

    1. From within the browser "menu-more-settings" list I sellected "Reset to default" also cleares cache, history and cookies manually

    1. Tried several different settings within "menu-more-settings"

    I'm stumped, Video player still works fine and browser goes to other sites without trouble.

    What did I do to to my browser settings? :o
    09-26-2010 05:15 PM