1. DmitryS's Avatar

    I work for Tango - the newest player in mobile video calling. Hopefully some of you have been able to play around with our app.

    We released our application last week, and have been listening to users on some of the items we need to fix/improve with our application.

    I am looking for 5-10 Galaxy S users that can help me out with beta testing our product.

    The requirements:
    1. You have a Galaxy S and feel comfortable installing Beta software on your phone.
    2. You can devote 2-3 hours every few weeks to provide us feedback.
    3. You feel comfortable having a video call with me (I promise I'm not that scary).
    4. You will not share new features with our competitors.

    I would prefer to find people who can test this weekend - we have a big fix regarding our battery consumption that we would like to release ASAP.

    Please message me with the following: (dmitrys@tango.me)
    1. Name/Email
    2. Availability to test over the next few months
    3. Experience with Android
    4. Phone/Version/Rooted? etc.

    I am hoping to find users with i9000T, i9000B, i9000M, GT-P1000, and GT-I8520.


    10-08-2010 08:24 PM
  2. okizen's Avatar
    I have already emailed tangosupport@tango.me asking if they could send me the Tango app as I have no access to Android Market and hopefully they will respond. But I'm available to test the beta version.

    1. okizen - okizen@hotmail.com

    2. Available

    3. Fairly experienced

    4. GT-I9000 Galaxy S 16 GB - Firmware Version 2.1-update1 - Rooted
    10-09-2010 08:55 PM