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    originally posted in wrong section...

    here is my problem:

    flashed manually (wouldnt show up in kies) to 2.2 froyo, since then i lost market icon and app and would like to get it back without having to flash back to factory defaults. Is there a way around that? any way to reinstall the market like you would install an app?

    All the files still seem to be in phone but not the icon and can't seem to force it to open any other way. Most market files are listed with a 0 bytes weight so I.m guessing it's wiped.

    Still don't know if kies will update my phone since my flashing it to 2.2 either. so far, says: this firmware cannot be updated. (or something along those lines did it yesterday)
    12-02-2010 08:44 AM
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    oh and I don't want to flash back to 2.1 because Flash seems to fail on 2.1 on this phone (samsung galaxy S Vibrant)
    12-02-2010 08:46 AM
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    well tks anyways... i heard Bell Canada FINALLY will release 2.2 for my phone officially this month. Ill just roll back and get the official update... now that 2.3 is announced, my supplier finally wakes up!
    12-06-2010 11:58 AM