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    Ok, so, everytime I'm on instagram or youtube or any social media site on my phone, the video sound and stuff works perfectly. But everytime i make a video and play it, there is just this looong beep through the entire duration of the video that i JUST did. So, all you see is me talking, but you hear a long beep! Help please?
    03-06-2015 03:43 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Which device do you have? So any video you stream from the web or from an app is fine? It's only videos you record? Does it matter which app you use to play back the video?
    03-06-2015 03:58 PM
  3. Steam Punk's Avatar
    I have the galaxy s3, and anytime i watcha video on snapchat, instagram, youtube, facebook, etc. It works fine, so yes, the apps i use are working fine. but anytime i do a video on those, there is just a beep for the audio...i have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the apps, and the app i use to play back videos i make, i use mx player. But no matter what i use, there is a constant beep. I have tried shutting down, restarting my phone, taking the battery out, and nothing works...
    03-06-2015 08:01 PM
  4. B. Diddy's Avatar
    If you just record a video using your video camera app, then play it back directly from the camera gallery, does it still give you the beeping?
    03-06-2015 09:16 PM
  5. Steam Punk's Avatar
    I am the person who asked the top question btw, and no matter what, it won't play what i am saying, it is just a long beep the entire video
    03-06-2015 09:19 PM
  6. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Ok, try booting into Safe Mode. If the problem persists, then it's probably a hardware issue. How to boot the Galaxy S3 into Safe mode? | Support | SAMSUNG Levant
    03-06-2015 10:28 PM
  7. Steam Punk's Avatar
    There is still a long, continuous beep...
    03-07-2015 06:50 AM
  8. B. Diddy's Avatar
    That sounds like bad news. Not sure what else to suggest besides bringing it to a repair shop.

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    03-07-2015 03:29 PM

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