1. AC Question's Avatar
    Hello everyone! I am new here and I was wondering if there was any good roms of the Samsung GALAXY W or what I hear is the Samsung GALAXY Exhibit II in America. I would prefer at least 4.0 ICS but anything other than Gingerbread is great. I would also like a step-by-step tutorial if it is possible. I also was wondering if Samsung GALAXY Exhibit II roms would work for my device because they are "technically" the same thing.

    P.S. I live in Canada so this is different from the American Samsung Galaxy W.
    03-12-2015 09:32 PM
  2. Faisy101's Avatar
    Hi there! I made this post and forgot to sign-in so yeah. I already have the device.
    03-14-2015 11:15 AM

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